About Us

We are the leading providers of kosher sushi for Toronto and Thornhill.

At Kosher Sushi, we have spent the past decade bringing the delicious tastes of some of the best dishes in the Far East to those who follow Jewish law. In fact, our dishes are so good that many of our customers aren’t even Jewish. They simply enjoy our spectacular dishes.

We prepare our food to capture the fullness of the flavor of Japanese sushi. To do this, we offer a range of options, including chirashizushi, inarizushi, makizushi, narezushi, nigirizushi, and oshizushi. Although many of our customers prefer those Japanese-styles, we also have many who have more Western palates, so we also offer many variations that have developed in Europe and North America. These include uramaki and many of the different rolls that are so popular in Canada and the United States. Our California rolls are especially popular.

Our business serves two purposes, one individual and one for larger groups. Individuals or small groups can carry out their sushi, making us a fantastic quick and easy option for fantastic healthy meals on the go. We also offer catering for small groups, such as parties, and larger events, such as corporate meetings and school events.

Our success stems from our pride in our products and our commitment to providing all of our customers with exactly the types of sushi that they enjoy. This often means customizing our offerings to cater to individual tastes. Even our individual trays can be spruced up to include the variety of flavors that the individual enjoys. For large groups, we can make recommendations of some popular options, or you can tell us exactly what you want.

We look forward to continuing to provide kosher sushi to residents of Toronto and Thornhill and we hope that you will give us a try.