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When you want fantastic kosher sushi in Toronto or Thornhill, turn to us! We offer a wide variety of sushi and can custom-make plates for any occasion from lunch for one to major events.

Finding kosher sushi in the GTA can be a major challenge, but you have proven yourself up to the task! Simply put, we have the best that you will find not just in the province but quite possibly in the entire country.

If you know your sushi, you will love having us deliver it to your specifications. Savor the taste of fresh fish that is both authentic Asian cuisine and prepared according to Jewish law. Enjoy all of the flavors enjoyed by the patrons of authentic Japanese restaurants while fully confident that the food you’re getting adheres to your religious beliefs.

If you’re new to sushi, which is the case with many of our customers who have been introduced to it during its recent increase in popularity, we would be glad to help you find the options that are most appealing to your palate. Tell us about the types of flavors, seasonings, and fish that you enjoy and we will provide you with something just perfect for you. Not a foodie? Tell us that and we will ask some simple questions that will help us figure out which of our options would fit best together for you.

Planning a big event – or just a small party? Great! We’d be glad to cater it. Again, if you know your kosher sushi and which types and combinations you want, tell us and we’ll deliver. If you’re not a sushi fan yourself but you are planning to have it for others to enjoy, you can let us know that as well and we will provide you with some of our most popular options.

Give us a call today to learn more about how you can enjoy the best kosher sushi in Toronto and Thornhill.